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Services Residential and Commercial Real Estate.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Our team has a combined 25 years of experience in residential real estate transactions including residential sales, purchases, mortgages, and refinances, as well as commercial transactions.

Whether you are a new home buyer, an experienced real estate investor, or selling your property, we ensure that you understand every stage of the legal process. Our team will make certain that you are fairly protected at a reasonable cost.

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Wills and Estate Planning

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a nuclear family, are single, or have a blended family, our lawyers can help. Our team will help you determine your wishes in the event of your passing while balancing the needs of family members along with your legal and moral obligations.

In addition to ensuring you have a will; it is important to have a Power of Attorney and Personal Directive prepared.  Doing so will ensure a smooth transition for family assisting in a very difficult time.

In your time of need, if your family member does not have a Power of Attorney or Personal Directive, we can assist with the legal documents required to be able to handle their personal and financial affairs.  We provide legal services for families requiring application under the provisions of the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act.

Services, Wills and Estate Planning
Services Family Law

Child and Family Law

Our lawyers all practice in varying areas of family law, and our firm has represented clients successfully at all levels of court in Alberta.

Family law is a term that encompasses a wide variety of legal matters including:

    • Guardianship
    • Parenting
    • Custody/Access
    • Contact for a Non-Guardian
    • Adoption
    • Divorce
    • Family Property Division
    • Child Representation

Private Guardianship

Our goal is to assist you in reaching a resolution, whether it be through a court process or by agreement. We have experience in drafting and finalizing various family law agreements for clients including:

    • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
    • Cohabitation Agreements
    • Post-Nuptial Agreements
    • Minutes of Settlement
    • Separation Agreements
    • Divorce and Property Contracts

If you require advice, direction, and information pertaining to family law matters we are able to provide you with a consultation as well as Independent Legal Advice to ensure that you are informed of all your legal rights and obligations.


Mediation with a trained legal professional will provide you with the best information and expertise to navigate even the most complex scenarios.

It is often encouraged and recommended that you work through your legal matters outside of a courtroom. Doing so tends to limit stress, keeps legal costs manageable, creates a roadmap for success, and ensures that you are not leaving your important legal matters to be determined by a Judge.

 What is mediation?

Mediation is a process where you agree to meet with the other party (or parties) in the presence of a neutral, non-biased third party (the Mediator) with a view to resolving all, or some, of your legal matters.

Mediation can occur over the course of numerous sessions and can address as many issues as requested. When the mediation ends, you will receive a written report from the mediator outlining what matters were agreed upon. This report will be used to create a Contract or Court Order that formalizes your mediated agreement.

Our Trained Mediators

We have two lawyers trained in mediation, both having completed the following specific training:

    • Interest-Based Negotiation
    • Basic Collaborative Law
    • 40-hour Mediation Skills Level 1

Nicole Simoneau has mediated many family law disputes and uses her 16 years of experience as a lawyer to assist parties with their varied legal needs. Her legal experience is critical in ensuring the parties have addressed all appropriate issues and that no loose ends remain.

Nicole’s goal is to help people reach a fair and reasonable resolution to their disputes so that they can move past them. She provides mediation services for family law and wills and estates matters.

Natalia Reiman is experienced in navigating child custody, access, parenting, and guardianship matters in court, but often from the lens of the child. Natalia continues to find herself playing the role of an informal mediator when representing her youth clients in court.

She has experience navigating the complex intersection of family court, criminal court, and child welfare court all while ensuring the best interests of the children prevail. Natalia provides mediation services primarily for youth and child-related matters.

Services Mediation
Services Corporate Transactions

Corporate Transactions

Our lawyers are able to assist with your essential corporate transactions including:

  • Incorporating your new company
  • Setting up and maintaining your Minute Book
  • Filing your Annual Return
  • Preparing all required Shareholders’ and Directors’ Resolutions
  • Preparing Unanimous Shareholders Agreements

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